Scammers targeting E-ZPass users in fake text messages

BALTIMORE, MD—Attorney General Anthony G. Brown is warning consumers about scam texts falsely claiming to represent a road toll collection service asserting that recipients owe money for unpaid tolls. The scam text looks similar to the example displayed below: Maryland Toll Services: We’ve noticed an outstanding toll amount of $12.51 on your record. To avoid a late fee of $50.00, visit […]

E-ZPass warns customers of text messaging scam

BALTIMORE, MD—The E-ZPass Group is issuing an alert to all E-ZPass customers about a text messaging scam targeted at customers of tolling agencies across the U.S. The scam aims to deceive customers into entering their personal data and financial information to a fake website. Customers receiving text messages claiming to be sent by “E-ZPass Toll Services” that directs them to […]

Baltimore City rolls out new BMORE Alert mass notification system

BALTIMORE, MD—Baltimore City is rolling out a new emergency alert system that ensures the timely and adequate communication of critical events, pertinent information, and real-time alerts to all those who work, live, and play in Baltimore City. The Office of Emergency Management had previously utilized a system by the name of Code Red but has now transitioned to a NEW […]

Baltimore County launches new emergency alert system for residents, businesses

TOWSON, MD—Baltimore County has launched a new emergency alert system for local residents and businesses. BaltCo Alert, Baltimore County’s official emergency alert system, is now up and running, providing residents and businesses with a new, opt-in service that will enhance emergency readiness by notifying county residents and businesses of urgent situations that may require efforts to prepare or lifesaving actions. […]

Maryland Department of Labor warns of text message unemployment insurance scam

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Department of Labor is warning residents of an unemployment scam that is circulating. The scam targets unemployment insurance claimants via text message. The message reads: “BEACON Labor: This is notify you that your Maryland insurance claim account is currently on hold for verification, Please complete your verification by following the instruction link below…to reactivate your account.” Anyone […]

MDTA warns of spam text messages being sent to residents

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Transportation Authority is warning of spam/scam text messages being sent to residents. The spam SMS messages read, “Maryland-MDot Urgent” addressing “MDot customer” with a link. MDTA officials say anyone who receives such a text should ignore it. Theses messages are spam and have been reported to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s IT Department. Anyone who receives this […]

Maryland to roll out ‘Text to 9-1-1’ system

Governor Larry Hogan on Wednesday announced the Board of Public Works’ approval of a new Text to 9-1-1 technology for Maryland, helping to update 1960s-era emergency systems with life-saving technology. This new Internet-based infrastructure will allow citizens to send a Short Message Service (SMS) text message to 9-1-1. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that more than 70 percent of all […]