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Baltimore City rolls out new BMORE Alert mass notification system

BALTIMORE, MD—Baltimore City is rolling out a new emergency alert system that ensures the timely and adequate communication of critical events, pertinent information, and real-time alerts to all those who work, live, and play in Baltimore City. The Office of Emergency Management had previously utilized a system by the name of Code Red but has now transitioned to a NEW system: Everbridge.

The Mass Notification System, BMORE Alert, which is provided through Everbridge, broadcasts messages to inform registered participants about an emergency. All Baltimore City residents, businesses, and visitors are encouraged to register to receive BMORE Alert notifications powered through Everbridge.

BMORE ALERT notifications can be sent out for critical events, hazardous or emergency incidents, and recovery efforts.


OEM is partnering with the following city agencies: Baltimore City Fire Department, Baltimore City Health Department, Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore City Recreation & Parks, Department of Housing and Community Development, Department of Planning, Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs, Mayor’s Office of Government Relations, Mayor’s Office of Homeless Services, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, and the Office of Older Adults.

Baltimore BMore Alert

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