Councilman Marks: Perry Hall Manor Sewer Project to begin in January 2025

PERRY HALL, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks on Friday provided an update on the Perry Hall Manor sewer extension project. According to the Department of Public Works and Transportation, construction will begin approximately in January 2025, contingent on timely property acquisition. Design work is ongoing. The entire project is expected to be finalized by July 2026. There are no additional […]

Olszewski: State to help pay for Perry Hall Manor sewer extension project

PERRY HALL, MD—County Executive Johnny Olszewski on Friday announced that Baltimore County has secured a funding commitment from the state to help pay for a significant sewer extension project in the Perry Hall Manor neighborhood, providing substantial financial relief for homeowners. In addition, the County Executive announced plans to introduce legislation to provide income-based relief to homeowners for future water […]

Baltimore County Council passes legislation to lower costs for homeowners connecting to sewer system

TOWSON, MD—On Monday night, the Baltimore County Council passed legislation sponsored by Councilman David Marks that provides significant relief to homeowners who are connecting to the public water or sewer system due to a health situation. When this occurs, homeowners must pay construction or connection costs. The current law sets the interest rate over the 40-year period at 5 percent. […]

Baltimore County Council lightens development on more than 557 acres of residentially-zoned land in Perry Hall, Carney

PERRY HALL, MD—With the adoption of the 2020 Comprehensive Zoning Maps, the Baltimore County Council has downzoned more than 557 acres of land in the Fifth District, acting on recommendations from Councilman David Marks. Approximately 88 percent of residentially-zoned land considered by the Council was downzoned this year. By contrast, about 40 acres were increased in development intensity, and 30 […]

Councilman Marks to downzone 147 acres in northeastern Perry Hall

PERRY HALL, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks announced on Wednesday that he will recommend downzoning 147 acres in northeastern Perry Hall, limiting development in one of the most rural areas of the community. Councilman Marks will recommend downzoning 147 acres to either DR 1 (one house per acre) or RC 2 (Rural Conservation) for Perry Hall Manor and two other […]

Councilman Marks initiates zoning changes to protect Perry Hall Manor, eastern Perry Hall

PERRY HALL, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks has initiated zoning changes to protect the rural character of Perry Hall Manor and eastern Perry Hall near Interstate-95. Under the proposal, the land east of Schroeder Avenue currently zoned DR 2 (two houses per acre) would drop to DR 1 (one house per acre). This is the lowest zoning permitted in the […]

Councilman Marks: Sanitary survey being conducted in Perry Hall Manor

Over the past two months, Baltimore County has received three requests for assistance from residents in Perry Hall Manor who have failing septic systems, according to Councilman David Marks. Perry Hall Manor is the area of northern Perry Hall in the vicinity of Perry Hall and Miller Roads. The county has also received an additional complaint at a fourth property […]