Councilman Marks: Sanitary survey being conducted in Perry Hall Manor

Baltimore CountyOver the past two months, Baltimore County has received three requests for assistance from residents in Perry Hall Manor who have failing septic systems, according to Councilman David Marks.

Perry Hall Manor is the area of northern Perry Hall in the vicinity of Perry Hall and Miller Roads.

The county has also received an additional complaint at a fourth property regarding an illegal discharge of sewage onto the ground surface.

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As a result of these concerns and at the request of several neighborhood residents, the Department of Public Works is conducting a sanitary survey to assess the need for public water and sewerage. While county officials will attempt to speak with all the residents during this survey, it is not mandatory from residents to participate.

Once the investigation is finished, findings and recommendations will be made to the Department of Public Works.

“I want to emphasize that, for right now, only a survey is being done in Perry Hall Manor,” said Councilman Marks. “There is a detailed process that must occur for public water and sewerage to be installed and funded. I will continue to engage the community, but felt it necessary to alert residents about the complaints the community has received.”

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