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Carver Center senior one of 50 students to be featured in College Board’s Advanced Placement Art and Design Exhibit

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TOWSON, MD—Vivian Orta, a Grade 12 student at George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Towson, is one of 50 student artists featured in the College Board’s 2023 Advanced Placement Art and Design Exhibit.

Orta’s work, a sculpture titled “Reach,” was selected from the more than 62,000 portfolios submitted by domestic and international students for the Advanced Placement 3D, 2D, and drawing exams.

A digital opening night celebration for the exhibit will be held on Tuesday, January 24, at 7 p.m. The link to register for the celebration, including a list of speakers, can be found online here.

In her artist’s statement about the piece, Orta wrote, “Here, a young woman reaches for a dove, a physical representation of the idea of peace, but can just barely take hold. . . . [The] intention behind this sculpture was to reflect on my observations of the world’s relationship with peace, as well as my own. It seems like no matter how much we work toward complete stability, it is never a possibility. Conflict and chaos will always claim their presence. But, that’s okay. The world would have to take a complete rest to escape these forces, which it refuses to do, and we refuse to do ourselves. Conflict and problems create progress as we try to escape them. So, while the figure is longing for peace, she is reaching up to the dove who navigates her upward, away from her current position and onto the next one—progress.”

Carver Center teacher Joe Cypressi taught sculpture to Orta during her junior year. He wrote, “Vivian’s work is inspiring in both its concepts and execution. . . .Vivian’s presentations are always sensitive, insightful, and visually exciting. She is fearless in trying new materials and processes to which she applies her skills. She is an amazingly talented and hardworking young lady who is a leader in the class.”

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