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Baltimore County woman is Maryland’s newest millionaire, scores winning $2,000,000 scratch-off

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BALTIMORE, MD—A Baltimore County woman is Maryland’s newest multi-millionaire, thanks to the Maryland Lottery.

“It’s all about studying the games,” the lucky woman told officials this week.

The 60-year-old former state employee visited Maryland Lottery headquarters with a top-prize winning $2,000,000 Gold Rush scratch-off in her purse.

“You gotta do your homework,” said the Randallstown resident.

She uses the Maryland Lottery’s website to determine which instant games to play.

“They list how many top prizes each ticket still has. Those are the ones I focus on,” she said.

Noticing recently that the $2,000,000 Gold Rush game still had four $2 million top prizes to offer, she filed the info away.

“That’s a $30 game, so I don’t buy them too often. But whenever I win $50 or so, I’ll get one.”

Such was the case last Friday.

“I cashed a few winning tickets and had enough, so I picked out the $2,000,000 Gold Rush game with the big prizes.”

Scratching her instant ticket in her car outside of the Randallstown Carroll Motor Fuels gas station, located at 8710 Liberty Road, the big winner couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I said to myself, ‘Does this really say $2 million?’”

Turning the vehicle’s interior light on to get a better look at the scratch-off, she confirmed the win and quickly turned the light off.

“I got nervous all of a sudden. I looked around to make sure nobody had seen what I was doing.”

The Baltimore County woman was so organized that she had a plan in place for when she hit it big, a plan she immediately put into effect.

According to family members, “She always told us that she’d call with the news and gather everyone together, but when she called she sounded like she was having a nervous breakdown. Nobody really believed it could be $2 million.”

Her family seems as happy about the win as the new multi-millionaire.

“She took care of a sick family member for so long,” they reported. “It’s wonderful that she can now treat herself.”

The lucky lady is planning to buy a new car with her winnings and maybe take a vacation.

Photo via Pexels

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