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Nottingham-area high schools among region’s 50 best

Niche LogoOne quarter of the region’s 50 best public high schools are in Baltimore County, according to annual rankings compiled by Niche, based on data from the U.S. Department of Education and test scores, college data, and ratings collected from Niche users.

The following 13 Baltimore County Public Schools appeared in the top 50 overall:

School, ranking

  • Hereford High School, 7th
  • Eastern Technical High School, 9th
  • George W. Carver Center for Arts & Technology, 12th
  • Dulaney High School, 13th
  • Towson High School, 14th
  • Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, 15th
  • Catonsville High School, 23rd
  • Pikesville High School, 30th
  • Perry Hall High School, 33rd
  • Franklin High School, 36th
  • Loch Raven High School, 38th
  • Sparrows Point High School, 39th
  • Parkville High School, 47th

In addition, Niche compared schools in the same region for best teachers, best college prep, and most diversity. Again, Baltimore County claimed approximately a quarter of the schools on the lists for best teachers and college prep and nearly one half of those on the list for most diversity.

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Best Teachers
School, ranking

  • Hereford High School, 1st
  • Eastern Technical, 2nd
  • Carver Center, 10th
  • Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, 12th
  • Catonsville High School, 17th
  • Dulaney High School, 18th
  • Towson High School, 21st
  • Loch Raven High School, 26th
  • Sparrows Point, 27th
  • Perry Hall High School, 28th
  • Western, 29th
  • Parkville High School, 31st
  • Pikesville High School, 37th
  • New Town High School, 42nd
  • Franklin High School, 48th

Best College Prep
School, ranking

  • Dulaney High School, 6th
  • Towson High School, 8th
  • George Washington Carver Center for Arts & Technology, 12th
  • Eastern Technical High School, 13th
  • Hereford High School, 14th
  • Pikesville High School, 17th
  • Western School of Technology, 21st
  • Catonsville High School, 22nd
  • Franklin High School, 29th
  • Perry Hall High School, 30th
  • Loch Raven High School, 35th
  • Parkville High School, 42nd

Most Diverse
School, ranking

  • Parkville High School, 5th
  • Lansdowne High School, 8th
  • Ridge Ruxton School, 9th
  • Dundalk High School, 11th
  • Catonsville High School, 19th
  • Owings Mills High School, 22nd
  • Carver Center, 23rd
  • Eastern Technical High School, 25th
  • Franklin High School, 26th
  • Pikesville High School, 28th
  • Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts, 29th
  • Perry Hall High School 30th
  • Kenwood High School 31st
  • BCPS Extended Day Learning Program, 32nd
  • Dulaney High School, 37th
  • Maiden Choice School, 39th
  • Loch Raven High School, 43rd
  • Battle Monument School, 46th
  • Chesapeake High School, 47th
  • Western School of Technology, 49th
  • Towson High School, 50th


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