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Baltimore County Council overrides Olszewski’s veto, amends plastic bag ban

TOWSON, MD—The Baltimore County Council on Monday evening unanimously overrode County Executive Johnny Olszewski’s veto regarding amendments to the so-called Bring Your Own Bag Act.

Liquor stores will now be exempt from the new law.

On October 25, Olszewski vetoed measures passed by the County Council that would ease the plastic bag ban.

As of November 1, businesses subject to the ban have been required to charge $0.05 for paper or reusable carryout bags.

Now, thanks to Monday evening’s unanimous override, liquor stores and smaller shops may continue to provide plastic bags to customers.

In a poll earlier this year, more than two-thirds of readers opposed the bag ban.

County Executive Olszewski’s full statement on the County Council’s override can be viewed below:

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