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Williams, Henn issue statement on Pine Grove Middle School bomb scare

TOWSON, MD—BCPS Superintendent Dr. Darryl Williams and Board of Education of Baltimore County member Julie Henn have issued a statement on Wednesday’s bomb scare at Pine Grove Middle School.

The school was evacuated at just after noon on September 21 after an an improvised explosive device was found inside of a vehicle across the street from the school.  Two individuals have been charged in connection with this case.

The full statement can be viewed below:

Dear Team BCPS:

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the Baltimore County Police Department announced the filing of criminal charges against two individuals in connection to the explosive device located near Pine Grove Middle School on the previous day. We want to thank our law enforcement partners for their swift response and immense efforts to protect our students and communities. This latest sobering incident at Pine Grove Middle School reiterates the importance of emergency planning and preparedness and working together as partners to ensure student safety.

Thanks to the collaboration of Baltimore County Public Schools’ (BCPS) school-based and central office staff, law enforcement, and emergency responders, more than 1,500 students were safely reunified with their families. Our community came together during a tense and uncertain time to make sure students and staff arrived home safely and we are grateful.

We understand that safety-related events create stress among staff, students, and families. BCPS works in collaboration with the Baltimore County Police Department to ensure that each school is safe and secure. In addition to the systemwide Comprehensive Safety Plan, schools review emergency plans and processes frequently. Schools perform drills multiple times a year so they can respond quickly and safely in an emergency. School Resource Officers and Student Safety Assistants work closely with the school administrative teams to enhance safety on BCPS property.

BCPS is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all students and staff. Actions that endanger the safety of others will not be tolerated. We cannot stress enough the importance of staying vigilant and informing school staff or police any time you or your child sees, hears, or reads anything that is suspicious or that may pose a threat.

We ask for your partnership in ensuring that dangerous, prohibited, and inappropriate items are not brought on BCPS property. We also encourage families to review recently shared information about enhanced safety measures for athletic events and expectations for student behavior at school and on the bus. Students who fail to meet behavior expectations will be subject to serious school and legal consequences.

We all have a role in ensuring that schools remain safe and secure learning environments. Thank you for partnering with us as we work together to support student success.


Darryl L. Williams, Ed.D., Superintendent
Baltimore County Public Schools

Julie C. Henn
Board of Education of Baltimore County

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