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Maryland State Police to participate in ‘I-95 Drive to Save Lives’ this weekend

NOTTINGHAM, MD—Motorists may notice more Maryland State Police vehicles on Interstate 95 this weekend.  That’s because MSP will be participating in the “I-95 Drive to Save Lives,” an effort being spearheaded by the Delaware State Police.

This campaign is a multi-jurisdictional, high-visibility traffic enforcement initiative that is meant to increase traffic enforcement presence and efforts along the I-95 corridor from Maine to Florida on Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th, 2022.

In 2021 alone, over 1,000 lives were lost along the I-95 corridor. The Delaware State Police will be the lead agency for this campaign by coordinating the efforts of the other 15 State Police and Highway Patrol agencies along I-95, as well as numerous participating Delaware law enforcement agencies in order to increase the totality of law enforcement presence over this 48-hour period.

All the 15 states that line Interstate 95 from Maine to Florida will be participating in the “I-95 Drive to Save Lives” campaign including: Florida Highway Patrol, North Carolina Highway Patrol, South Carolina Highway Patrol, Georgia Highway Patrol, Virginia State Police, Maryland State Police, Delaware State Police, Pennsylvania State Police, New Jersey State Police, New York State Police, Connecticut State Police, Rhode Island State Police, New Hampshire State Police, Massachusetts State Police and Maine State Police.

Photo via Chris Montcalmo Photography


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