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Colonial Pipeline initiates restart of operations

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NOTTINGHAM, MD–Colonial Pipeline Company initiated a restart of pipeline operations on Wednesday after being shut down for six days due to a ransomware attack.

The company has issued the following statement:

Colonial Pipeline initiated the restart of pipeline operations today at approximately 5 p.m. ET.

Following this restart, it will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to normal. Some markets served by Colonial Pipeline may experience, or continue to experience, intermittent service interruptions during the start-up period. Colonial will move as much gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel as is safely possible and will continue to do so until markets return to normal.

As we initiate our return to service, our primary focus remains safety. As part of this startup process, Colonial will conduct a comprehensive series of pipeline safety assessments in compliance with all Federal pipeline safety requirements.

Several gas stations in Maryland and a few in Baltimore County had run out of fuel on Wednesday, sparking panic buying and prompting Governor Hogan to initiate emergency protocols.

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