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Parkville snowman suffers 2020 meltdown

PARKVILLE, MD—A familiar sight graced drivers along Perring Parkway in Parkville this weekend.

The iconic snowman at the intersection of Perring Parkway and Putty Hill Avenue has returned, although he looks a bit different this year.

Every year, the snowman mysteriously makes an appearance at the busy Parkville intersection on Christmas Day, regardless of the weather.

This year, the snowman is in pieces and bears a sign that appropriately reads, “I had a meltdown in 2020.”

Some speculate that the snowman is created with shavings from the Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena, located just down the street on Hillen Road, although many residents have different theories as to the snowman’s origins.

In a year marked by a global pandemic, political turmoil, social distancing, and seemingly endless lockdowns, the Parkville snowman’s 2020 message is sure to resonate with local residents on many levels.



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