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Crossing guards needed in Baltimore County

NOTTINGHAM, MD—The Baltimore County Police Department needs men and women to serve as school crossing guards.

Police say serving as a crossing guard is an ideal way to become more involved in the local community while getting paid to do so.

Parents, grandparents, college students, or anyone who wants to help insure the safety of children to and from school are encouraged to apply.

  • The pay is $13.70 per hour and the time commitment is only two hours daily, Monday through Friday.
  • When schools have off due to inclement weather, so do you, without loss of pay.
  • You incur paid leave as you gain years of experience.
  • You may receive paid national and state holidays from September through June.
  • Equipment and uniforms are free of charge.

Those wishing to apply to the Baltimore County Police Department for the position of crossing guard need to be at least 18 years old. All applicants will undergo a background check, including fingerprinting and a medical screening.

This is the perfect part-time job for stay-at-home parents, retirees and those with a little extra time in the morning and afternoon. The best part of the job is the satisfaction of knowing that you play a major role in keeping the children in your neighborhood safe in their travels.

Additional information about the School Guard Team and how to apply to become a Baltimore County crossing guard are available online.

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