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Councilman Marks speaks out regarding Carney, Perry Hall postal service delays

PERRY HALL, MD—Many residents in the Carney and Perry Hall area are frustrated after experiencing lengthy delays in receiving their mail.

Residents have posted in several online forums and groups stating that their mail has been delayed, with some individuals not receiving mail at all for several days.

On Wednesday, Councilman David Marks urged residents to contact federal officials.

“To all those experiencing mail delays…I feel your frustration,” Councilman Marks said in a statement on Wednesday. “Over the past week, our office has heard from dozens of residents – particularly in the Parkville area – who can’t get medication and paychecks, correspondence from loved ones, and important documents.

“It is shameful that the (U.S.) Postal Service cannot operate this essential function of government,” Marks added. “I have talked to the manager, who blames COVID-19 logistical issues, and joined with our state legislators to press for improvements…It’s a federal post office and, candidly, I wish our members of Congress were more forceful in urging the Parkville post office to solve this problem.”

Councilman Marks is urging residents to lodge an online complaint with USPS directly at

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