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Maryland’s Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program continues to expand

ANNAPOLIS, MD—Governor Larry Hogan on Tuesday announced that 223 businesses have now been approved to participate in the Maryland Department of Labor’s Work Sharing Unemployment Insurance Program. As Marylanders continue to navigate challenges related to COVID-19, this program preserves jobs by providing employers with a flexible alternative to layoffs. Employees can be retained at reduced hours while collecting partial unemployment benefits to make up a portion of the lost wages.

“Maryland has regained over 97,000 jobs since we began the safe, gradual, and effective reopening of our economy, and we continue making incredible progress on the road to economic recovery,” said Governor Hogan. “The Work Sharing program is truly a game-changer for businesses that are beginning to reopen their doors, and we continue to encourage employers to take advantage of this unique opportunity.”

Employers who participate in the Work Sharing program can retain employees by temporarily and equally reducing the hours of work by 20% to 50%, either for their entire business or for select units. By maintaining an experienced staff, they can resume business operations safely and effectively without the challenge of recruiting, hiring, and training employees. Employees reap the benefits of this program by keeping their current job, and often their health and retirement benefits, while receiving partial unemployment insurance benefits to supplement their wages. Employers can apply for the Work Sharing program at

“As employers across the state take steps to reopen and recover from the economic impact of this public health emergency, we are strongly encouraging employers from all industries to use the Work Sharing program to avoid layoffs, preserve jobs, and gradually transition their skilled workforce back to full time employment in a safe manner,” said Labor Secretary Tiffany P. Robinson.

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