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Diverse coalition supports Councilman Marks’ Adequate Facilities Ordinance

PERRY HALL, MD—Organizations representing Baltimore County’s educators, principals, and homebuilders all submitted testimony supporting legislation sponsored by Baltimore County Councilman David Marks that would review the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance.

The League of Women Voters also submitted a letter of support.

The ordinance regulates development in school districts. Councilman Marks has argued that the ordinance needs to be reformed to help reduce school overcrowding, a longtime problem in Baltimore County.

“Councilman Marks has reached out regularly to me to address education concerns,” wrote Cindy Sexton, president of the Maryland State Teachers Association. “His commitment to his constituents is evident and greatly appreciated. School capacity, overcrowding, and large class sizes are ongoing concerns for educators. We cannot turn students away because the school is over capacity or our classes are too large. We want to have the necessary tools to be able to reach and teach our students as effectively as possible. This task force will work to ensure that a thorough and well thought out approach is taken as all the concerns, constraints, and opportunities are examined.”

“Thank you for your resolution to establish the Baltimore County Adequate Public Funding Ordinance Task Force,” wrote Tom DeHart, executive director of the Council of Administrative and Supervisory Employees. “CASE fully supports your resolution. This Task Force will be extremely beneficial in the decision-making process relative to school facilities.”

The resolution is sponsored by all seven Councilmembers, and will be voted on at the August County Council meeting. Recommendations will be due in November.

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