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Councilman Marks secures funding for parking at Seven Oaks Senior Center, waterways, and Fullerton fire station

PERRY HALL, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks announced on Tuesday that the proposed Fiscal Year 2021 county budget includes funding to design and expand parking at Seven Oaks Senior Center in Perry Hall.

The senior center is one of the busiest in northeastern Baltimore County, sharing an entrance with Seven Oaks Elementary School. Parking is often difficult. Members have advocated for an expansion for the past five years.

“After nearly a half-decade of advocacy, I am happy the budget finally includes funding for this sorely-needed improvement,” said Councilman Marks. “When the County Executive and I visited the senior center several weeks ago, this was clearly a priority.”

The $400,000 project will add capacity in the vicinity of Seven Oaks Elementary School and Seven Oaks Senior Center.
The new budget will also $1 million to continue repairs to the Little Gunpowder Falls and $800,000 to construct a female locker room at the Fullerton fire station.

Councilman Marks will be working with the administration to finalize that list over the next few weeks to identify road resurfacing priorities.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus shutdown will have a brutal impact on Baltimore County over the next year, forcing many good projects to be deferred or cancelled,” added Councilman Marks. “I am pleased that these capital projects will advance.”

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