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STUDY: White Marsh Run filled with fecal waste

SwimmingIf you’ve been thinking about taking a swim in some local waterways, you might want to think about the timing of that dip.

Reent tests by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation found fecal matter measurements that were up to 450 times higher than federal safety limits at some Maryland swimming holes.

The foundation tested the water for harmful bacteria after heavy rainstorms, and the results weren’t good. After storms, bacteria levels can rise above safety levels established by state and federal governments.

The amount of bacteria from fecal matter found in White Marsh Run was at least 400 times higher than safety standards dictate, according to CBF’s testing.

CBF hopes the bacteria testing this summer will help drive home the seriousness of the problem of polluted runoff—not just to leaders in Baltimore County, but elsewhere.

They say the key here is not to avoid swimming altogether, but rather to consider waiting 48 hours after a big storm before swimming in any stream, river, or the Chesapeake Bay.

To see the full 2016 testing results, click here, and learn more in the video below.

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