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Councilman Marks to recommend 18 acres for open-space zoning near Gunpowder River

Baltimore CountyBaltimore County Councilman David Marks on Monday announced that he would recommend that 18 acres of state-owned property along Interstate-95 near the Gunpowder River be zoned as Neighborhood Commons, or open space.

The land straddles I-95 and bisects Forge Road and Bangert and Bush Streets.

Councilman Marks will recommend that the residential land in this area be zoned DR 1H, or one house per acre, to retain the rural character of this area.

“As we conclude the rezoning process, we have announced decisions that preserve green space and lower the intensity of development throughout the Fifth District,” Councilman Marks commented.

The zoning issue is 5-154. The County Council will vote on the zoning maps on August 30th.


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