Bradshaw Road property owner fined $42K

A property owner along Bradshaw Road in Kingsville has been fined, according to Baltimore County Councilman David Marks

The property located at 7753 Bradshaw Road had deteriorated greatly in recent months, according to before and after photos Marks posted on Facebook last month (below).

On Wednesday, Marks posted that an administrative law judge had fined the property owner $42,500.

From the original Facebook post:

If you live in Kingsville or attend St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church, you are probably familiar with 7753 Bradshaw Road. I am attaching “before” and “after” pictures. The property is not only out of compliance, but criminal charges were filed after an incident in which an inspector was allegedly threatened by gunpoint. Our office will continue to work with the Greater Kingsville Civic Association, and hopefully this property can be returned to a better state.

 7753 Bradshaw Road Before 
 7753 Bradshaw Road After 

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