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BCPS Superintendent issues statement on school safety following Parkville High sex offender incident

PARKVILLE, MD—Baltimore County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Darryl L. Williams issued a statement on Friday addressing concerns that arose after it was revealed that a registered sex offender had been allowed to enroll at Parkville High School (click here for details).

Here is the full statement from Dr. Williams:

“In light of recent concerns that have arisen over the enrollment of a student at Parkville High School who was convicted of a serious criminal offense, as the Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), I want to assure you that we are committed to the safety and security of all students. Since my appointment as superintendent on July 1, 2019, school safety has been one of our top priorities. I have been working with central office and school-based staff to examine safety protocols in our school buildings. We have worked to improve communication regarding serious incidents that impact safety in schools, carefully examined school wellness concerns and tasked various offices with developing protocols to improve our response to safety concerns and problem solving. In an effort to continually improve safety procedures, we have been in contact with Juvenile Services, the Baltimore County Chief of Police and members of her team, and the State’s Attorney’s office to make sure we have timely and regular communications. We are all in agreement regarding the need to be steadfast in strengthening our collaboration and partnership regarding serious juvenile offenses.

“Although, as a public institution, we are charged with making certain that all students receive a quality education through the efficient and effective use of resources, including the use of alternative means of education when necessary, each individual case must be thoroughly examined. With that being said, when students are involved in serious offenses in our schools or communities, we are committed to conducting safety meetings involving school-based and central office leadership, school counseling, BCPS safety team members, Baltimore County Police and other pertinent staff and community agencies.

“In my 100 Day Entry Plan and the subsequent development of a draft strategic plan, which I shared with various stakeholders including parents and school communities, I recently communicated the school system’s focus and alignment of efforts around school climate and student services. This message was shared with elected officials, board members, and principals. As we finalize our strategic plan, it is my goal to have these efforts, standard operating procedures and our new strategic plan available for stakeholders. As part of our continuous improvement efforts, we will continue to examine and refine current practices.”

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