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Councilman Marks issues statement to address Gerst Farm concerns following town hall meeting

NOTTINGHAM, MD—Councilman David Marks issued a statement on Friday evening to address concerns that arose following Thursday night’s public meeting on the future of the Gerst Farm property.

So many people turned out for Thursday’s meeting that crowds spilled out into the hallways of the Hilton Garden Inn.

At the meeting, developer Elm Street showed a plan for the 317-home project on Gerst Avenue.

More than 200 of the homes would be marketed to those 55 years and older.

Many residents, however, questioned whether the development would actually attract an older demographic and added that there was nothing in place to prevent the future homeowners from skewing younger, which could be problematic for local schools that are already overcrowded.

On Friday evening, Councilman David Marks issued the following statement:

“This afternoon, I sked the developer of the Gerst Farm for a better plan for the property, one that reflects the concerns raised by many residents at the February 6th input meeting.

“Specifically, I am calling for far fewer units, as well as deed restrictions that require the senior housing to be owned by older residents. I have also asked the developer to work with Baltimore County to set aside a large section of the property near the Honeygo Village Center as a public park.

“I share the community’s concerns about school overcrowding and the overall density of this development. In 2016, I downzoned this property to allow for more time for Honeygo Elementary School and the new northeastern middle school to be built.

“I would like to thank the residents of Perry Hall who passionately voiced their perspective on this development. I will continue to look out for their interests.”

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