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Police warn of scammers using Parkville precinct phone number

Scam AlertPolice in Baltimore County are warning citizens about a telephone scam that may show police precinct phone numbers as the call-back number on caller ID.

Police at the Parkville Precinct recently received a phone call from a confused individual who stated he was calling to discuss his outstanding federal taxes owed to the Internal Revenue Service. The equally confused officer who answered the phone obtained more details and recognized the man had been a victim of a telephone scam.

The officer determined that the victim was calling back the phone number that was displayed on his caller ID after hanging up on the scammer. The victim had just conversed with the scammer, who he described as a man with a foreign accent advising the victim had outstanding taxes which needed to be paid.

The scammer instructed the victim to purchase Google and other brand name gift cards for the payment. When the victim questioned him, the caller became irate and began to use profanity, at which time the victim hung up the phone. The victim then attempted to call back the number on his caller ID and reached the Parkville Precinct.

Residents should be aware that there is no limit to the number of smart phone apps available that allow a user to change the number displayed on another person’s caller ID when receiving a call or text.

Residents are reminded not to share personal identification information or credit card information to anyone over the phone. Legitimate government agencies will never request this information.

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