E-ZPass warns customers of text messaging scam

BALTIMORE, MD—The E-ZPass Group is issuing an alert to all E-ZPass customers about a text messaging scam targeted at customers of tolling agencies across the U.S. The scam aims to deceive customers into entering their personal data and financial information to a fake website. Customers receiving text messages claiming to be sent by “E-ZPass Toll Services” that directs them to […]

Maryland Attorney General’s Office warns of sports betting scams during March Madness

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Attorney General’s Office is warning of the risks involved in sports betting, especially during March Madness. Officials are urging people to be wary of scams and aggressive marketing that targets getting customers to make bigger and riskier bets. The Maryland Attorney General’s Office listed several precautions people can take to protect themselves. They are recommending checking consumer […]

Maryland Attorney General warns of new election scam involving robocalls

BALTIMORE, MD—A new type of election scam that involves robocalls is spreading and it could have a major impact on the fairness of elections, the Maryland Attorney General’s Office is warning. The scam usually involves a robocall that impersonates a real political campaign or candidate. The goal of the call is to mislead the voter, manipulate their choices, or even […]

Baltimore officials warn of fraudulent QR code ‘scan to pay’ stickers on parking meters

BALTIMORE, MD—Officials are warning Baltimore motorists of a new scam that’s popping up on area streets. The Parking Authority of Baltimore City (PABC) says scammers have been placing stickers on local parking meters that say “Scan to pay” and feature a QR code.  Officials say these stickers are not legitimate. Tiffany James, Communications Manager for PABC, told Baltimore Fishbowl that […]

Maryland Attorney General’s Office offers tips on avoiding door-to-door sales scams

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland Attorney General’s Office is offering tips to help residents avoid common door-to-door sales scams. Door-to-door scams have been around for years. Scammers may disguise themselves as legitimate salespeople, but they have one goal – to trick consumers. They want to pressure people into providing personal information or purchasing goods or services that they do not want or […]

The U.S. Is the Most Scammed Country in the World – How Can You Protect Yourself?

The following is a sponsored post from Freedom Federal Credit Union A recent report by Social Catfish, an online investigation service, found that the U.S. is the most scammed country in the world. The good news is, with the right information, you can protect yourself from being part of next year’s stats. Who gets scammed the most? With an astounding […]

Baltimore County Police Department warns of cable service phone scam

TOWSON, MD—Police say residents in parts of Baltimore County have reported receiving scam calls about their cable service. The caller urges the resident to purchase several Target gift cards worth hundreds of dollars each in exchange for savings on their cable bill. The resident is then told to call back the cable representative to provide the codes found on the […]