Councilman Marks: BGE to trim trees in Cromwell Valley in April

HAMPTON, MD—Baltimore County Councilman on Thursday announced that BGE will perform its required maintenance of the electric transmission right-of-way which travels through Cromwell Valley in April. BGE will reach out to the Gunpowder Conservancy and send letters to customers adjacent to the right of way in mid March. A map of the impacted area shows the route of the trimming […]

Councilman Marks: Downzone property to protect Cromwell Bridge Road area

PARKVILLE, MD—Baltimore County Councilman David Marks announced on Monday his support for downzoning a publicly-owned property that overlooks Cromwell Valley Park along Cromwell Valley Road. The 4.9-acre property stretches along the ridge and is currently zoned one house per acre. Coumcilman Marks will support Neighborhood Commons, or open space, zoning. The zoning issue is #5-074. Councilman Marks previously downzoned much […]

Councilman Marks endorses protective zoning for scenic Cromwell Valley corridor

Baltimore County Councilman David Marks on Monday said that he would recommend that the zoning along a major section of the Cromwell Bridge Road corridor be reduced to the lowest point allowed for development. The 167-acre area stretches from Goucher Boulevard across the southern side of Cromwell Bridge Road to Satyr Hill Road. It includes forested property once part of […]