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Governor Moore declares state of preparedness for heat wave

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ANNAPOLIS, MD—A state of preparedness has been declared for Maryland ahead of an upcoming heat wave that is expected to bring potentially dangerous temperatures this weekend.

The declaration (PDF) was signed by Governor Wes Moore and it directs state emergency management officials to coordinate efforts in advance of the potential impacts from the heat and humidity.

“The health and safety of Marylanders is our top priority. By declaring a State of Preparedness, I am directing the Department of Emergency Management to coordinate the comprehensive preparation of State government ahead of potential impacts because of the extreme heat and humidity,” said Gov. Moore. “Please remain vigilant, stay hydrated, and remain in cool locations as much as possible, and please check on vulnerable family members and friends.”

A news release from the governor’s office indicates that peak heat indices, which measure how hot it feels, could reach 100-110 degrees in some parts of Maryland on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The National Weather Service predicts prolonged heat and humidity, which can increase the potential for heat-related illnesses.

Residents are reminded to never leave infants, children, or pets inside a parked vehicle, and to increase their fluid intake regardless of activity level. Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine, or sugary beverages, and limit exercise or outdoor activity between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the sun is most intense.

Some medications can also increase the risk of heat-related illness, so people are encouraged to consult their doctor if they have any questions.

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