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Maryland invests $6.85 million to improve literacy outcomes

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BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has announced plans to invest millions of dollars into a new initiative that aims to improve literacy outcomes across the state.

The $6.85 million investment is part of a collaboration between the MSDE and the Ibis Group, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes through research, development, and professional practice.

Research has shown that early literacy skills are essential for later school achievement, and that students who have not mastered grade-level literacy skills are at a higher risk of not finishing high school. The Ibis Group believes that its Science of Reading program, which emphasizes skills development in phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, can help to improve literacy outcomes for thousands of Maryland educators and administrators.

The funding will provide educators, paraprofessionals, and administrators with free access to microcredential continuing education units (CEU) from the State University of New York (SUNY), which can be used to develop professional skills in a variety of areas, including reading, writing, and digital technologies. The program will also support research by collaborating with Johns Hopkins University to conduct research on the impact of professional development opportunities on student achievement.

“Strong literacy skills are the gateway to better futures for students in our schools, and we simply cannot do this work alone,” said Dr. Carey M. Wright, State Superintendent of Schools. “We need collaborators, and this investment from private partners increases access to professional development that will help to enhance educator effectiveness. We are grateful for the shared commitment to Maryland educators and our work to increase literacy outcomes in all schools.”

“Maryland’s students deserve the best education system in the country, and public-private partnerships such as this one foster collaboration that propels our state forward. I am grateful for the leadership of Dr. Carey Wright in shepherding these resources to fulfill the Maryland State Department of Education’s strategic goals,” said Gov. Wes Moore.

The investment in literacy is part of the MSDE’s strategic plan to improve education outcomes for all students. By providing professional development opportunities for educators and administrators, the MSDE hopes to boost literacy outcomes and help students reach their full potential.

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