Baltimore County veteran wins $90,000 on Maryland Lottery’s Big Spin Wheel [VIDEO]

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BALTIMORE, MD—Before taking his position at The Big Spin Wheel at Maryland Lottery headquarters, a Baltimore County man walked over to his wife of nearly 50 years to exchange a kiss for good luck. Seconds later, afraid to watch the wheel clicking past the prizes, she turned away as the wheel kept rolling and slowly came to a stop at $90,000.

She turned around as the room erupted into applause and the prize amount brought tears of joy to her eyes. “I don’t believe this,” she said after her husband shook hands with Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin. “Every time I think about the amount I tear up.”

Her husband is a U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran who selected the nickname “Rolling Thunder” to tell his winning story anonymously. Operation Rolling Thunder was a military campaign during the Vietnam War.

The story of their big win with THE BIG SPIN instant ticket actually begins with the wife’s love of Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. Her husband preferred other Lottery games until THE BIG SPIN came along. “Curiosity” is why the two began searching out the $5 scratch-off to play together as they drink coffee, she said. Her spouse, who is retired from a state government job, buys the games for the two of them to play.

Since going on sale in April, THE BIG SPIN has become the No. 1 selling scratch-off in the Lottery lineup.

“They are selling like hotcakes,” said “Rolling Thunder.”

The Baltimore County resident recently bought some tickets at Kenwood Shell located at 6321 Kenwood Avenue in Rosedale. His wife played one of the games and revealed a $25 win. “Rolling Thunder,” who scans all of his games using the Maryland Lottery app, scanned several of THE BIG SPIN instant tickets and saw one carried a message directing him to claim the prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters.

“He had to show it to me,” said the wife, describing their luck as a blessing. “I can’t believe this.”

“Rolling Thunder” and his wife plan to keep buying THE BIG SPIN scratch-offs in hopes of finding another one of the six instant tickets that will send players to Baltimore to try their luck with The Big Spin Wheel. He is the second winner of this prize. Players who spin the wheel can win prizes ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. A Baltimore mom won $100,000 on The Big Spin Wheel earlier this month.

“I had my eye on the $250,000,” said “Rolling Thunder. “To think there were eight tickets out there and we found one!” added his wife. “We are happy with any amount.”

The pair have kept the win a secret. Their prize will go toward paying bills and trying to “live a little more comfortably,” she said.

Watch their magical spin below.

Photo via the Maryland Lottery

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