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U.S. Attorney: Maryland man pleads guilty to $250K check theft scheme

GREENBELT, MD—The U.S. District Attorney’s Office in Maryland reports that a 26-year-old man pleaded guilty to stealing over $250,000 in checks that were mailed to other people.

Kavon Dupree Jackson of Capitol Heights has pleaded guilty to a bank fraud conspiracy that involved using stolen checks that were cashed at several banks.

According to his guilty plea, Jackson used a stolen postal service “arrow key” to open postal boxes and steal mail inside. He would then take the mail back to his house and cull out any checks from the stolen mail. He would then change the names of the payees on the checks to himself or other people that he recruited to help him cash the checks. He would then immediately dissipate the cash.

The scheme had several social media accounts that were used to advertise for people with bank accounts at various banks. People who used their accounts to wash the stolen checks were paid a small cut of the money stolen by Jackson and his co-conspirators.

Several co-conspirators were also involved in the scheme. Police found a total of 350 stolen checks in addition to the stolen mail when they searched Jackson’s house.

Police also found an assault rifle and several rounds of ammunition when they searched the house a second time. They have determined that the stolen checks were deposited into several different bank accounts belonging to Jackson or his co-conspirators. The scheme managed to steal more than $250,000 in funds.

Jackson is facing a maximum of 30 years in prison for the crimes he committed. He is also facing charges for the use of a postal service “arrow key.” Jackson is expected to be sentenced in June of 2024.

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Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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