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Baltimore Police Department to launch city-wide traffic enforcement initiative

BALTIMORE, MD—Heading into Baltimore City?  Be advised that the Baltimore Police Department’s new city-wide traffic enforcement initiative will be in effect from March 29 through August 16, 2024.

In response to numerous complaints about speeding and running red lights and stop signs, and in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities, officers will be issuing citations to drivers who commit traffic violations.

The initiative is focused on areas where police have seen the highest concentration of fatal accidents and accidents with injury over the past three years. It will be evenly distributed across the city, with two to three locations selected per district.

“I am very concerned by the increase in motorists violating traffic laws and parking illegally, serious vehicle crashes and road rage incidents. These actions jeopardize public safety for everyone who uses the roadways,” said Police Commissioner Richard Worley. “If you are going to drive on city streets, you need to obey the rules of the road.”

Police will be taking a holistic approach to reduce traffic fatalities with increased focus on traffic violations, district and city-wide unit deployments, and sobriety checkpoints carried out with the assistance of partner agencies.

Additionally, Neighborhood Coordination Officers will assess environmental issues leading to traffic crashes and fatalities and will partner with city agencies to improve safety at the relevant locations.

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