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Delegates call for local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE in response to border crisis

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The following is an editorial piece from Delegate Kathy Szeliga and Delegate Matt Morgan.

Due to the massive influx of illegal immigrants caused by President Biden’s open border policies, communities around the country have become increasingly unsafe. Just recently, a Venezuelan migrant who crossed the southern border illegally killed 22-year-old Georgia college student Laken Riley while she was out for a run. In a similar local case, a Salvadoran illegal migrant killed a 2 year-old-boy, Jermy Poou Caceres, during a shootout in Langley Park in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

These stories of migrant crime, both near and far, are tragic not only because they are highly disturbing but also because these crimes are preventable. Every state is a border state in that they all suffer the consequences of President Biden’s open border policies. This is why over 14 states have committed to sending National Guard troops to secure our southern border. In response, President Biden has chosen to spend taxpayer dollars to send federal troops to the border to ensure our National Guardsmen do not secure the southern border.

In response to the poor federal efforts to secure the southern border and the recent tragedies, Delegate Kathy Szeliga has reintroduced a bill to ensure that local law enforcement cooperates with federal authorities to transfer criminal illegal immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Delegate Kathy Szeliga from Baltimore County said, “Because the President refuses to carry out his constitutional duty to secure our borders, Americans are suffering the consequences of a lethal wave of migrant crime that is making our communities increasingly unsafe. Because of this, I introduced HB1505, Protecting Marylanders From Violent Crime Act of 2024, to the Maryland General Assembly to restore law and order and keep our American citizens safe.”

Delegate Matt Morgan from St. Mary’s County added, “What makes these instances of migrant crime so frustrating is that they are completely preventable. If we had a president who enforced the existing border laws, these cases would not have happened. The border is wide open, and states are left to fend for themselves on this issue. Local law enforcement often has its hands tied by idealistic politicians. As state lawmakers, we must take action to remove illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes from our communities.”

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