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Eastern Shore resident is Maryland’s newest Powerball millionaire

BALTIMORE, MD—A Worcester County resident has won $1 million after lottery officials say she had a winning Powerball ticket that had been forgotten about.

The ticket was sold at Duck In II, located at 5610 East Market Street in Snow Hill back on September 27, 2023. The resident, who has not been named, had purchased a quick-pick ticket and says she had forgotten all about it. No one hit the jackpot in that drawing, and she was one of four people nationwide to win a $1 million second-tier prize.

The resident was looking for another item in her wallet last week and found the $10 ticket inside.

“I just wanted to check it to see if we got anything,” said the warehouse worker.

The worker took the ticket to a Maryland Lottery retailer to scan, and the machine noticed the winning ticket. The husband also scanned the ticket, and said the numbers matched what he had seen.

“There were a lot of zeros. I thought it was some type of promotional message. I scanned it again and got the same numbers,” the husband said.

The store employee confirmed he held a $1 million winning ticket.

“He likes to kid around and I thought he was joking,” the winner said.

The couple then went home to celebrate. The resident said she plans to pay off her home mortgage and donate some money to an animal shelter.

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