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Maryland ranks No. 5 for highest credit card debt in U.S.

BALTIMORE, MD—A recent MarketWatch Guides study found that Americans are entering 2024 with historic levels of debt — and residents of Maryland are feeling this pressure the most.

Maryland was ranked at No. 5 in the country for states with the most credit card debt.  The study shows that the average Free State resident is $4,190 in debt.

U.S. household debt grew by $800 million from Nov 2022 to Nov 2023, reaching a record high of $17.3 trillion at the start of 2024.

Credit card debt saw the highest increase among all types of debt, increasing 16.6% from Nov. 2022 to Nov. 2023.

Eric Ridley, an attorney and expert in estate planning, probate, and asset protection, shared valuable tips for debt management:

  • Pay down highest-interest debt first
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Negotiate your rates
  • Find extra income

The full report is available online here at MarketWatch.

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