State officials respond to safety concerns regarding improvements at busy White Marsh intersection

WHITE MARSH, MD—Officials with the Maryland State Highway Administration have responded to safety concerns regarding recent improvements that were made at the intersection of Honeygo Boulevard and White Marsh Boulevard.

Councilman David Marks on Monday said that his office has received numerous complaints about the lane configuration of the final project, adding that he has passed those concerns along to the appropriate officials at the State Highway Administration.

Below is a response listing the changes that SHA will be making:

“The SHA recently completed a project to improve safety and operations at the intersection. Every item was constructed per approved plans, and this job is now complete. Sections of the project that fall on the county road, including the Honeygo Boulevard section of a concern, were reviewed and approved by Baltimore County. However, to improve traffic safety and reduce confusion, additional pavement marking will be installed on southbound Honeygo Boulevard to separate the thru lane from the left turn lane. The pavement marking line extensions will help guide motorists into the correct lane. We also plan to install an additional signal head on the mast arm facing southbound Honeygo Boulevard to help motorists choose the desired lane in advance. We hope to have this work completed in the spring.”

Additional information on this project is available online here.

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