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Mountain Christian Church to open new campus in Parkville

PARKVILLE, MD—Mountain Christian Church will soon be expanding into Baltimore County.

The Harford County-based church has announced that it will be opening a new campus in Parkville.

“When the VFW Hall (previously Colony Theatre), located at 8123 Harford Road, was presented to us, it became very clear, very quickly, that this property could be an ideal location for Mountain’s next campus,” the church announced on its website. “The facility is perfectly located, right on Harford Road. The parking lot is more than adequate, the location is surrounded by homes and community partners, and there is a lack of thriving churches and we can envision a thriving church community growing in this unique and historic space. We have around 200 Mountain families already living in the surrounding area who could be a part of creating something new and beautiful in Parkville.”

Mountain Christian purchased the building in February for $1.5 million.

“The building is ours, but now we must navigate zoning, permitting and construction, all of which will take some time,” Mountain Christian added. “But that time will be used strategically to start rallying our Mountain families who live in and around Parkville, to begin a missional presence in the community.”

The new campus is tentatively expected to open in 2026.


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