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Harford County Executive Cassilly signs legislation limiting new apartments

BEL AIR, MD—Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly has signed amended legislation banning high and mid-rise apartments on properties zoned B-3 for general business.

County Executive Cassilly originally proposed the legislation to prohibit any apartments in B-3, in response to projects built or approved before his term in office without the proper infrastructure to support residential living.

However, amendments to his legislation proposed and passed by the County Council on November 7 will allow three-story “garden apartments” in B-3, but only as a special development in areas near Route 40 designated as the Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor.

“Allowing apartments in a business district makes planning extremely difficult, because we don’t know if a property may become a retail store, with no demands on our schools, or homes for families with children,” said County Executive Cassilly. “I have also heard from our citizens, and I have seen for myself, apartments built in Harford County without sidewalks or safe access to transportation, supermarkets, and retail stores. Anyone can see that these projects are problematic for the residents and the surrounding community, and I am committed to ensuring more responsible development moving forward.”

Image via Harford County Government

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