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Councilman Marks: Developer no longer pursuing 17-acre housing development in Perry Hall

PERRY HALL, MD—Councilman David Marks this week announced that developers are no longer pursuing housing at a 17-acre property interior to Joppa Road and Cowenton Avenue.

Councilman Marks had downzoned the land in the 2016 rezoning cycle, and introduced legislation that further restricted development in sensitive areas that would have been impacted by the project.

During that process, key testimony was received by groups such as the Perry Hall Improvement Association, the Honeybrook Farms Community Association, and the White Marsh Cowenton Community Association.

“We would like to thank Councilman Marks and the Perry Hall Improvement Association an the WMCCA for supporting our community and helping us achieve this outcome,” commented Bob Iman, president of the Honeybrook Farms Community Association.

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