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Maryland Attorney General calls for public input on potential Kroger-Albertsons merger

BALTIMORE, MD—Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown is actively seeking input from Marylanders regarding the proposed merger between two major national supermarket companies: Kroger, known for operating chains like Harris Teeter, and Albertsons, which operates chains like Safeway.

As part of its commitment to safeguarding fair competition, worker rights, agricultural interests, and consumer welfare, the Office of Attorney General’s (OAG) Antitrust Division is inviting citizens to participate in a survey to voice their concerns and insights.

Marylanders are encouraged to contribute their insights through the survey, which is available on the front page of the Attorney General’s website here. The results of the survey will play a critical role in shaping the OAG’s efforts to ensure that the proposed merger aligns with the best interests of the state and its residents.

This merger, if approved, could potentially have significant implications for consumers, employees, farmers, and small independent grocers across the state. Currently, Kroger, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, operates 2,800 stores in 35 states, while Albertsons, based in Boise, Idaho, operates 2,273 stores in 34 states. Together, the companies employ approximately 710,000 people nationwide, with 10,167 across more than 165 stores in the DMV area. If combined, these two companies would form a corporate entity with a vast presence across the nation. Recognizing the potential for far-reaching impacts on Maryland communities, the OAG’s Antitrust Division will be monitoring developments closely to evaluate the merger’s potential anti-competitive effects.

“I know families are feeling the effects of rising food prices every time they visit a grocery store. I want to ensure that Marylanders’ voices are heard throughout the process of this potential merger, and that any potential deal upholds the principles of fair competition in order to protect our communities, including consumers, workers, farmers, and local businesses” said Attorney General Brown. “We’re committed to advocating for robust competition that safeguards consumer interests and supports the economic well-being of our state.”

While some mergers can deliver benefits to communities, they can also lead to reduced competition, limited options, and increased prices. The potential impact of the Kroger-Albertsons merger on Marylanders’ access to affordable food options, local job security, and the vitality of the agricultural industry are of paramount concern to the Attorney General.

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