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Baltimore woman snags winning $50,000 Pick 5 ticket in Overlea

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BALTIMORE, MD—A few years ago, a Baltimore woman was given a license plate for her new car bearing a tag number she didn’t like. The 50-year-old requested a different one but had to settle for that license plate. Little did she know that a variation of that number would bring her a $50,000 Maryland Lottery prize.

The lucky lady is a fan of the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games and when Pick 5 was introduced, she began playing that game as well. She’s used different sets of numbers for her games, but recently one combination kept popping up and it was a variation of her despised tag number.

“It kept appearing everywhere,” said the big winner. “I saw it on paperwork at my job, on other car tags, on TV, everywhere.”

So, just a couple of weeks ago, she began playing the number 91104. And, on Sunday, September 10, in the evening drawing, she played 91104 and won $50,000. Her husband actually checked the numbers for a win and gave his wife the unbelievable news.

“I just started crying,” said the winner. “I really never thought it would actually come out.” Her husband added, “It could not have come at a better time.”

The extremely grateful pair claimed the prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters on Tuesday. They plan to play bills with the winnings and will save the rest.

The lucky ticket was purchased at Jack’s Fine Food, located at 4519 Kenwood Avenue (21206).

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