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Nottingham woman claims $50,000 top prize after buying scratch-off in Fullerton

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NOTTINGHAM, MD—A 62-year-old car enthusiast, who chose the name “Baby Blue” to tell her story, was heading to work when it happened. The “it” to which she referred was the $50,000 prize she discovered on her Corvette Cash scratch-off.

“I’ve always loved Corvettes,” she told Maryland Lottery officials. “They’ve been my favorite for as long as I can remember.”

Even though Baby Blue walks past the lottery vending machine at the Giant located at 7920 Belair Road (21236) often, she rarely buys a ticket there. In fact, she had no intention of buying one last Sunday – until she saw the corvette.

The Nottingham woman barely broke a smile when she realized what her automobile affection had brought her.

“I was suddenly very nervous,” she said. “Amazingly happy, too, of course, but nervous.”

She worked her shift that day behind a perfect poker face, alerting nobody that her life had just changed.

“I can’t believe this happened. I’ve never been a lucky person.”

Photo via Pexels

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