MSDE: 4-year graduation rate remains high but falls slightly in 2022

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BALTIMORE, MD—The percentage of Maryland students receiving a high school diploma in four years remained consistently high but fell slightly in 2022, according to data released on Tuesday by the Maryland State Department of Education.

The four-year cohort graduation rate was 86.3% in 2022 which is only a small decrease compared to 87.2% in the prior school year. Students graduating in the 2022 cohort were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic for most of their high school experience. The pandemic impacted graduation rates in 2022 because schools closed in the spring of the students’ 10th grade year, and virtual learning was primarily applied until they returned to the physical classroom in their 12th grade year.

The graduation and dropout rates for student groups also remained largely constant from previous years, although gaps between student groups persist. Black/African American students saw improvement in the four-year graduation rate. Additionally, English Language Learners and students with disabilities both saw an improved four-year graduation rate and a decrease in the dropout rate since last year.

“Our students are resilient and even in the face of a global pandemic, they remained committed to their education and their futures,” said Maryland State Board of Education President Clarence C. Crawford. “We will continue to work to ensure that every Maryland student, regardless of race, income, or background has the support and resources to succeed. I am proud of the work that our districts have put in to ensure our students are career and college ready, especially over the last couple of years; however, it is critical that we continue to improve upon these numbers and give our students every opportunity to thrive.”

“We have much more work to do, especially after several years of learning disruption caused by the pandemic,” said State Superintendent of Schools Mohammed Choudhury. “These numbers affirm the unwavering commitment and active engagement of our teachers and school leaders in leveraging excellent and evidenced-based strategies to help our students realize their full potential. They reflect the resiliency of our students to graduate high school in the face of adversity, but we cannot stop here. We all must continue to focus on equity and excellence, so every student has limitless opportunities and potential for success.”

Also released was the five-year cohort graduation rate which is the percentage of students who graduate in five years. Maryland increased from 88.3% for the 2021 graduates to 89% in 2022.

Maryland cohort graduation rates are in line with federal reporting standards, which follows a set group of students from their first year through their senior year.

The new high school and system data will be available on the Maryland Report Card website.

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