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Pine Grove Middle School teacher raises eyebrows after bragging about ‘indoctrinating’ students on TikTok

CARNEY, MD—One local teacher is making national headlines after posting a video to social media that is raising eyebrows.

In the video, teacher Alexa Sciuto celebrates “indoctrinating” students while dancing in a post on TikTok.

“Put the taxes in the bag,” the Pine Grove Middle School teacher’s post on TikTok said, as she jovially danced. Fox News reports that the Spanish teacher was responding to criticism of using a song in which she lip-synched “f— up on your b—-” in a video adorning her classroom in rainbow, pride-themed materials.

Sciuto was responding to another user who commented, “None of this is what education is supposed to be about. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Why are you so f—ing hellbent on indoctrinating our children?”

Sciuto replied, “I just got fired for indoctrinating my students.”

“Sike,” the next clip showed.

“Still employed,” she said. “Put the taxes in the bag.”

“Y’all will never take me alive,” she added.

Baltimore County Public Schools’ employee handbook states the following, according to School Board Chair Julie Henn, who has requested an investigation into the matter:

Board Policy 4100
“The Board of Education of Baltimore County (Board) recognizes the critical role its employees play in maintaining the public image of the school system. The Board further believes that all employees should conduct themselves in accordance with standards of behavior that reflect the educational goals of the Baltimore County Public Schools(BCPS).”
“Employees will maintain a standard of dress, personal appearance and general decorum, as well as moral standards and behavior consistent with their duties and responsibilities.”

Board Policy 4104
“Use of social media should adhere to standards of conduct and decorum as well as the standards outlined in this policy.”

BCPS officials have not yet commented on the matter.

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