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Kingsville couple purchase winning $50,000 scratch-off in Perry Hall

NOTTINGHAM, MD—A birthday gathering at a local Perry Hall establishment led to an unexpected Lottery windfall for a Kingsville couple.

The pair, who have chosen to remain anonymous, were with friends at DeSantis Pizza Grill and Bar in Perry Hall at a birthday event when the husband purchased Maryland Lottery scratch-offs. Their visit came after the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot was won in the November 7 drawing.

“I figured there would be no line because the Powerball excitement was over,” he said. He got five instant tickets in all. Together, the husband and wife scratched and checked the games for prizes. The first game was a non-winner. The second scratch-off was worth $10. On the third game, they became confused about how to play the scratch-off.

“I was looking at the bonus part and didn’t focus on the instructions at the bottom,” the wife said.

They scanned the instant ticket using their Lottery mobile app but didn’t get a good reading. The final two instant tickets they scanned were non-winners. They set all five scratch-offs aside on the bar and continued socializing.

A short time later, the bartender happened by and noticed the instant tickets. She realized straight away the one on top, a $5 Holiday Ca$h instant ticket, was a big winner.

“She said, ‘Where did you get this ticket?’” the husband recalled. The bartender explained, “You just won $50,000. Turn it over right away and sign that ticket!”

Although the two have no plans for the extra money, their win has inspired them to continue playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs.

“We’ve already bought more,” the husband said.

Photo via Pexels

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