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The Maryland School for the Blind partners with Orioles, League of Dreams to host Beep Baseball event this week

BALTIMORE, MD—The Maryland School for the Blind is teaming up once again with the Baltimore Orioles and the League of Dreams to host the annual Beep Baseball Fall Classic for students who are blind or low-vision.

The event will be held on the campus of the Maryland School for the Blind located at 3501 Taylor Avenue in Baltimore on Tuesday, September 13 from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Beep baseball, an adapted form of baseball, is designed for individuals who are blind or low-vision, but can also be played by sighted people. Participants wear eyeshades that completely block their vision, ensuring all players are on a level playing field. The baseball is embedded with an audio device to assist players in hearing and locating the ball during both defensive and offensive play. Upright bases located on the first and 3rd baselines also make a beeping sound to help runners find the base if they get a hit.

MSB student athletes will have the opportunity to play the game with representatives from the Baltimore Orioles and the League of Dreams, including Orioles Hall of Fame shortstop Mike Bordick. The Oriole Bird and the MSB Bee mascots will also be on hand to join in the fun.

As a statewide resource center, The Maryland School for the Blind provides outreach, educational and residential services for students from birth to age 21 who are blind or low-vision, including those with multiple disabilities. MSB serves approximately 1,200 students annually throughout all 24 Maryland jurisdictions.

The League of Dreams is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide all individuals, regardless of physical or mental capacity, the opportunity to experience the joy, challenges & personal growth from playing the great games of baseball & softball. The organization partners on youth projects with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, who partially funded the baseball field at MSB.

According to MSB Superintendent W. Robert Hair, “This event is a unique opportunity for our students to improve their baseball skills and play America’s pastime with some of the greats of the game from our home town team, the Baltimore Orioles, and our friends at the League of Dreams. It also allows our community partners to experience the game from a different lens.”

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