Olszewski announces legislation to revitalize Baltimore County Commission Veterans’ Affairs

TOWSON, MD—In honor of Veteran’s Day, Baltimore County Executive Olszewski on Thursday announced that he will introduce legislation to expand, enhance, and revitalize Baltimore County’s Commission on Veterans’ Affairs.

“Out of courage and a deep sense of duty to our country, so many brave men and women have made incredible sacrifices to defend our freedoms and our way of life,” Olszewski said. “Today, as we honor all those veterans who have and continue to serve our nation, we are proud to announce these efforts to restart and expand this critical commission and ensure County government does all we can to support our veterans—and their families—across Baltimore County.”

Formed in 2003, the Baltimore County Commission on Veterans’ Affairs was created to advocate and help to enhance the quality of life for Baltimore County veterans of military service and their families.

In recent years, the Commission has been defunct.

The legislation proposed by Olszewski will revitalize and modernize the County’s Commission on Veterans’ Affairs by:

  • Expanding the numbers of members to 12;
  • Diversifying membership eligibility to include members of the Women Veterans of America and the National Association of Black Veterans;
  • Broadening the scope of the Commission’s work to explore the needs of veterans’ families; and to focus additional community education on the needs of veterans;
  • Establishing ex-officio members of the Commission representing relevant County agencies; and
  • Requiring the revamped Commission to conduct public outreach efforts.

The proposed legislation will be introduced at the Baltimore County Council meeting on Monday, November 15th.

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