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Judge rules against ending Maryland pandemic unemployment benefits, state will appeal

BALTIMORE, MD—A Baltimore judge on Saturday night issued a temporary restraining order halting Governor Larry Hogan’s decision to end federal pandemic unemployment benefits.

The decision was reached just prior to benefits expiring at midnight.

Saturday’s ruling will expire on July 13, according to CBS Baltimore, unless it is renewed or extended.

Marylander’s will now continue to receive the $300 in federal pandemic unemployment benefits under the temporary restraining order issued by the judge.

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The governor’s office plans to appeal the ruling:

“There is a record number of jobs available right now, and this program is making it harder to fill them and fully reopen our businesses. It’s hurting our recovery across every region and industry. The state is appealing today’s ruling.”

“Even President Biden has said that states have every right to do what’s best for our economies,” said Governor Hogan on Saturday night. “I’m confident the courts will rule in favor of getting Marylanders back to work, supporting struggling small businesses, and continuing our economic recovery.”

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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