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Parkville man wins big Maryland Lottery prize for second time in 6 years

PARKVILLE, MD—A Parkville man is grateful to experience his second round of Maryland Lottery luck in six years. The 66-year-old first won $30,000 playing a Bonus Crossword scratch-off in 2015 and recently won $100,000 playing the Cash Club scratch-off game.

The fortunate player knows exactly how to best use his recent windfall…and that’s to help take care of his best friend.

The anonymous winner’s friend recently became ill and spends a lot of time at medical appointments. He sometimes requires two medical visits in one day. The big winner takes his friend to the appointments and is his caregiver. One day about a month ago, the friend suggested they stop to get scratch-off games. They did so at Margate BP in Lutherville and each purchased one $10 Cash Club game. They didn’t scratch the games until days later.

“I saw that one of my numbers matched, but I really thought it was only going to be a few bucks,” said the winner. “When I saw that $100,000 prize underneath, I was in shock.”

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The Cash Club player managed to scratch his way to the last $100,000 top prize in this game. The winner said he showed the instant ticket to his friend and then scanned the scratch-off to confirm his prize amount. Unfortunately, his friend’s scratch-off was not a winner. However, they will both benefit from the Baltimore County government employee’s win.

“I’m taking him to appointments, taking care of things at home and working full time,” said the winner. “It’s a lot and this $100,000 win will help out a great deal.”

In addition, the lucky player hopes to take a small trip with his friend if they can fit it in between medical appointments.

Margate BP, located at 1601 York Road in Baltimore County, has reason to celebrate, too. For selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the lucky Lutherville retailer earns a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.

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