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Essex man who bought winning $100,000 Maryland Lottery scratch-off in Rosedale claims prize

ROSEDALE, MD—The man who purchased a huge winning scratch-off ticket in Rosedale has come forward to claim his prize.

Maryland Lottery officials say a 58-year-old Essex man experienced overwhelming gratitude after winning $100,000 playing the $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off game. The anonymous winner, who has struggled recently with numerous health-related issues, selected the alias “Extreme Blessing” to reflect how he feels about his Lottery luck.

“It’s been really tough lately with health issues, medical bills and unemployment issues,” said “Extreme Blessing.” “It was about a week after all of this that I scratched that win.”

The Essex resident said he pays close attention to numbers and did so when he went to the Wawa located at 8731 Pulaski Highway in Rosedale to make a Maryland Lottery purchase last month. The number 25 has been lucky for him in the past and that number was on the next $100,000 Extreme Cash instant ticket in the Lottery vending machine. “Extreme Blessing” bought the $30 instant ticket, scratched it off in the store and was shocked at what he saw.

“I scratch the rows first and then the prize underneath,” he said. “At first, there was nothing, but when I saw the coin symbol, I knew I had at least won my money back.”

“Extreme Cash” won that and so much more. He revealed a $100,000 prize and the father and grandfather experienced disbelief. He put the instant ticket in his pocket and immediately went home to share the great news with his wife. She confirmed the win, but was also in shock. The reality of their $100,000 prize didn’t sink in until they claimed the prize at Lottery headquarters.

“What an experience,” said “Extreme Blessing.” “I just never expected this would happen in my lifetime. What a blessing.”

The lucky player said he plans to use his prize to pay off medical bills, buy gifts for his children, donate to his church and take a beach vacation with his wife.

The $100,000 Extreme Cash game launched in September and still has 35 $100,000 top prizes remaining. Also up for grabs are 21 $5,000 prizes and over 625,000 prizes ranging from $30 to $500.

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