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With rezoning, Baltimore County Council creates new greenways in Carney, White Marsh

CARNEY, MD—At its meeting on August 25th, the Baltimore County Council approved rezoning requests by Councilman David Marks that will create two new greenways in the Fifth District.

With Issue 5-059, the Baltimore County Council extended Neighborhood Commons zoning along 13 acres of Perry Hall Boulevard between White Marsh Boulevard and the police station. The land is owned by Baltimore County.

“The Neighborhood Commons zoning protects public land from development,” Councilman Marks stated. “We have used it to protect sensitive land from Towson to Perry Hall.”

With Issue 5-072, the Council created a greenway of Neighborhood Commons zoning along seven acres of land on the northeast side of Waltham Woods Road and Perring Parkway. The property is the old alignment of Perring Parkway that was never extended, and is owned by the state.

“We would like to thank Councilman Marks for protecting this green space in our community,” commented Kristen Piscopo, president of the Perring Park Community Association.

Councilman Marks authored the legislation that created Neighborhood Commons zoning in 2012. It has subsequently been applied to thousands of acres across the county.

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