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Glassman: 41 confirmed coronavirus cases in Harford County

BEL AIR, MD—Harford County Executive Barry Glassman on Friday issued the following weekly update on COVID-19:

“As expected, COVID-19 continues to impact our community. Public health officials have reported a total of 41 positive cases among Harford County residents as of this morning. This compares to 19 cases at this time a week ago.

“Harford County cases range from people in their 20s to their 60s and beyond. The vast majority are isolating at home, and some have been released from isolation. Nonetheless, public health officials believe the peak in cases is at least two weeks away if not longer, and cases across Maryland have been doubling every three days since mid-March. Sadly, 42 have died.

“At the federal level, the CDC on Monday issued guidance that changed the period of exposure risk from the ‘onset of symptoms’ to 48 hours before the onset. In other words, the virus can be spread by someone before they even know they’re sick. This underscores why we must continue to act as if everyone could be infected and practice social distancing and precautions such as handwashing for at least 20 seconds. If taken seriously, these actions will slow the spread and avoid overwhelming our healthcare system, and they will save lives.

“My administration is working daily with the Harford County Health Department and other partners to prepare for a surge in local demand for healthcare system capacity, including ICU beds, ventilators and alternative care sites, and for personal protective equipment (PPE).”

Read County Executive Glassman’s full update here.

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